IP Aquisition

Confidential and Trustworthy Acquisition Environment

When businesses, universities or individuals want to acquire intellectual property such as patents and trademarks where should they turn? These types of acquisitions can be complicated and often involve several different levels and many detailed aspects, including matching up the right buyers with the right sellers. This takes a concentrated effort by a team of experts who knows how to bring these two parties together in a confidential and trustworthy environment.

Protecting the Buyer

At IPTrader, we know the importance of keeping these kinds of acquisitions confidential and private, which helps protect the buyer throughout the purchase process. It also serves to protect the integrity of the deal as well as the value of the intellectual property being acquired. If a seller were to learn of important details about the buyer, especially the buyer’s financial status, then it could affect the price of the acquisition and thus raise the amount the buyer has to pay. Doing these deals discreetly also protects the buyer from accidently exposing his or her product development plans to potential competitors or other interested buyers.

Finding the Right Partner

Therefore, in order to find the right partners for these IP acquisitions, IPTader works to locate potential acquisitions via a wide-range of sources. Through our detailed knowledge of helping clients buy and sell intellectual property rights we identify the right matches for these acquisitions. After fully analyzing your needs and requirements as buyer, we then contact the IP owner(s) in order to begin the confidential acquisition process. We can even complete the deal without the seller ever knowing whom the buyer is.

Acquisitions Large and Small

At IPTrader we handle all kinds of IP acquisitions, including deals that involve a single patent, or much larger deals that consist of large IP portfolios covering dozens of patents or other types of intellectual property. Sometimes, it make sense for companies to purchase these large portfolios containing similar or related intellectual property in order to protect themselves from infringement claims or from competitors developing similar products. In any case, IPTrader can help you find, locate and purchase the IP rights that you are interested in obtaining.

Contact IPTrader for Help

If you are looking to acquire intellectual property, then IPTrader can help you throughout the entire process. With our expertise in the monetization and commercialization of intellectual property we can help you achieve success in your IP acquisitions. Please contact us today at info@iptrader.com or call 360-772-9035.