IP Licensing

Capitalize on Your IP Through Licensing

Many people who develop products or who own intellectual property rights want to capitalize on their IP. There are several ways to monetize or commercialize your IP rights, including through the process of licensing your invention, technology or other form or intellectual property. There are two types of IP licensing that owners of intellectual property can pursue.

Two Types of IP Licensing

When a person, company or other entity infringes on your intellectual property, then you can assertively license your IP. That means you might have to file an infringement suit in order to protect the property that is being infringed upon. This can prevent others from profiting on IP rights that are rightfully yours. You can also choose to license your IP rights in a non-assertive manner. This involves selling the rights to use your IP to an individual, corporation or university, which allows them to capitalize financially on that intellectual property.

Helping You Maximize Your Licensing Opportunities

At IPTrader, we can help you license your intellectual property rights to those who are interested in purchasing them. By taking this approach, you stand to increase your financial gains. In many cases, there may be more than one potential party interested in licensing your technology or invention. IPTrader can help you maximize your licensing potential by identifying multiple partners and then helping to broker these licensing deals.

Finding the Right IP Licensing Partners

We take a holistic approach to the IP licensing market and study the entire industry to determine what strategies are best for you and your particular intellectual property. We can help match you and your IP with the right kinds of investors and companies to create a win-win situation for all parties. If you are interested in licensing your intellectual property rights, IPTrader can help. We will evaluate the market for your property and help you monetize those assets fully.

Contact Us Today for IP Licensing

Ultimately, it is your intellectual property and you will have the final say as to whether or not you want to license it. If you think IP licensing is a viable option for you, then please contact IPTrader today at 360-772-9035, or email us at info@iptrader.com.