IP Valuation

Providing Detailed and Accurate IP Valuation

Do you own some form of intellectual property like a patent or trademark? Are you interested in selling, licensing or commercializing you property but you aren’t really sure what it’s worth. Determining the value of intellectual property is a critical element in the monetization and commercialization of your property. Without knowing the true value of your property, both domestically and internationally, you can’t fully capitalize on your investment.

IP Valuation Process & Purpose

At IPTrader we gather all the necessary information regarding your intellectual property, which involves a detailed understanding of many key factors, including the industry, economy, country and business that affect the actual value of your IP. Our IP valuation process covers a wide-range of services and purposes, including:

•  Achieving Capital Gain – we work to help you fully capitalize on the commercialization of your intellectual property rights.
•  Determining the Value of Intangible Assets – we help you discover the true value of your intangible assets, like trademarks and patents, which helps strengthen your competitive level in the IP rights marketplace.
•  Licensing or Selling IP Rights – we not only help you determine the true value of your intellectual property, but we also help you negotiate the best deal for the sale of your IP, which allows you to realize your maximum gains.

Helping You Capitalize on Your IP

Your ideas and inventions have the potential to be worth a lot of money. However, before you can completely capitalize on them you need to know their true value. If you are looking for help to identify the market value of your intellectual property then IPTrader can assist you. In addition, after we identify the proper valuation of your IP, we also assist in the process of commercializing and monetizing those rights in order to help you achieve the best return on your investment.

Contact IPTrader for Realistic Valuations

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