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Lot 1: Interactive Body Suit and Interactive Limb Covers

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: Michael J. Dundon

Description: The Internet has produced an explosive growth in numerous markets including gaming, on-line chat, video conferencing, adult entertainment, and medical treatments and information dissemination. The number of users has also exploded with the introduction of various new technologies.

The invention utilizes existing platforms and technologies within 3-Dimentional (“3D”) virtual reality and links those applications through the Internet with broadband services provided via wire-line or wireless communications networks to provide a physical sensation of touch matching a user's interactions and actions within an Internet or computer driven virtual world or in response to a computer program or device protocol. This allows the user to interact within a virtual, computer-generated world by imparting feelings or sensation of impact and touch to whatever actions the user takes within the virtual world.

The invention presents specific application to three vertical markets of gaming, medical, and adult entertainment. Each of these markets possesses a well-established presence on the Internet and established computer-driven applications. Numerous companies offer products that a touch of feeling can enhance the experience provided by the computer-generated frame of reality.

The invention provides a force feedback sense of touch from an object in a virtual world on the Internet or a computer to an individual wearing an interactive body suit, peripherals associated with the interactive body suit, or an interactive limb cover. The interactive body suit comprises a garment that covers the arms, torso, and legs providing a sensation of touch. Peripheral devices such as gloves, socks, and male and female entertainment peripherals will provide the same sensation of touch as the interactive body suit using a motor-mapping methodology.

Assets: 1 Patent
U.S. Patents: US7046151 B2

Lot 2: Inflatable Cushioning device with manifold system; A Discrete Cell Body Support and Method for using the same to provide Dynamic Massage; A Pressure Equalization Apparatus; A Mattress Having Three Separate Adjustable Pressure Relief Zones

Initial Bidding Guidance: Low to mid seven figures plus a 10% royalty

Seller: WCW, Inc.

Sector/Description: SECTION A - More than half-a-million units with this patented Helix technology have already been manufactured and sold in the U.S. and Canada; and additional manufacturing capabilities are currently in place. This technology has a wide-range of applications.

This patented technology offers many benefits to help users get a better night’s sleep, including:

  1. Orthopedic and Therapeutic Mattresses Help Reduce Morning Aches and Pains, Including Fibromyalgia.
  2. Orthopedic Mattresses Provide Support for Your Back and Body.
  3. Natural Form Beds feature Same Medical Technology Used in Hospitals.

This exceptional, revolutionary patented Helix Technology has already proven to be a big success for it’s current licensors in the medical industry. It will no doubt achieve equal or greater success in other industries and locations where licensing is now also available, including:

  1. The Consumer Market
  2. Hospitality – Hotels
  3. Transportation Industry – Cruise Lines
  4. Transportation Industry – Trucking

Assets: 21 Patents, 3 Applications
U.S. Patents: 6,370,716, US 2005-0125905 A1, 2,595,121, ZL 200680003012.3, 1845823, 256267, 5025490, 2362471, 7,434,283/US 2005-0177952 A1, 2,562,720, ZL 200580011110.7, 7,617554/US 2004-0068801 A1, 2008-0028534 A1, 6,269,505, 6,826,795/US2001-0023511 A1 – US2003-0024051 A2, 8,122,545 US 2003-0208849 A1, 1 178 746, 779,556, 20023705, 200108659, RE 44,584.
Applications: 05713316.7, PI 0606133-8, 14/075,764

Lot 3: Accounting Accuracy Methodology

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: Ricardo Lopes

Description: The present invention relates to a computer program product, comprising a computer usable medium having a computer readable program code embodied therein, said computer readable program code adapted to be executed to implement a method that enhances accuracy in enterprise accounting by performing account analysis. The invention provides for a comprehensive account reconciliation process that ensures a predictable level for the accuracy of the ledger account balance. Nine reconciliation methods can be executed through the software program. The reconciliation methods cover the diverse interactions between the ledger accounts and supporting documents that are either externally or internally generated.

Key Features of the Present Invention Include:
• Transactional reconciliation methods
• Non-transactional reconciliation methods
• High-level flow diagrams for each reconciliation method
• Individualized matching mechanisms by reconciliation method
• Reconciliation Control Reports
• Action Pages for Outstanding items
• Well-defined roles and responsibilities
• Management Reporting process
• Results & in-process metrics
• Assessment of resources to deliver in a timely manner
• Key Accomplishments Achieved by the Present Invention Include:
• General Ledger Balance Accuracy
• Predictable outcome/accomplishment
• Progressive reduction of outstanding items
• High Level and detailed monitoring
• Broader acceptance of Performance metrics
• Write off visibility and proper Approval
• Assigned Accountability
• Customization

The accounting accuracy methodology has components that are flexible enough for customization for a better fit of available resources, company complexity, and internal control requirements. The user dictates the actual methodology usage and may customize it accordingly to ensure that documentation remains clear, well communicated, and followed. It is possible to combine and split reconciliation documents, only if there is a clear understanding and acceptance of the trade off between workload vs. accuracy/visibility. Quantity and quality of currently available resources, and a potential staff hiring, are factors to consider for the customization. The matching mechanism of each reconciliation method does not require customization, because it is precisely tailored to understand root causes and timely solutions.

Assets: 1 Patent U.S. Patents: US8332286 B1

Lot 4: Systems, Devices and Methods for an Interactive Art Marketplace in a Networked Environment

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: Yoram Gil

Description: Information related to art is provided in networked computing environments wherein users can participate in public or private online interactive videoconferences, chat rooms and other online sessions led by art galleries or art gallery affiliates. User's may switch between public sessions and private sessions when ready to make a transaction related to an art object or artist presented in a public session. In private online sessions, potential consumers may also electronically provide the art gallery pictures, diagrams and photographs of an area in which they are interested in placing certain art objects. An image of the art object is shown within the picture to scale with other objects such as a wall, and angle of view. Users may also see the art objects to scale next to other stock images of familiar reference objects during the online session.

Currently, mid-range art galleries (e.g., dealing art priced from $5K up to $100K) have been unable to create an effective online marketplace for themselves. The overwhelming amount of online information is not always user friendly, is often confusing, and can create hostility and distrust even with seasoned collectors. This underscores the notion of many potential consumers' desire to see the art in person before making a purchase, which is restraining mid-range priced fine art sales online. Combined with ineffective Web presence, changes in consumer habits, fluctuating and harsh economic conditions and dwindling sales, this presents a threat to the art industry. As art dealers find it ever more difficult to operate profitably, artists have less opportunity to have their work viewed by knowledgeable patrons. Potential patrons also find it increasingly difficult to gain access to new artwork and new artists, or to receive the valuable information, which an experienced dealer can provide. Hence, new approaches to fostering the exchange of information related to art in networked systems are desirable.

Assets: 1 Patent
U.S. patents: US8881017 B2

Lot 5: Solar Powered Rechargeable Device For Use With An Electronic Device And Method Thereof

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: Gary Oakley

Description: A solar powered device comprising a solar radiation collection portion, wherein the solar radiation collection portion includes: a solar panel to collect solar radiation, a concentrator surrounding the solar panel to concentrate the solar radiation, and a charge controller coupled to the solar panel, a base portion, a plurality of legs, and a connection portion operably connecting the solar radiation collection portion to the base portion, the connection portion including a connection member having a first end and a second end is provided. Furthermore, an associated method is also provided.

Electronic devices, similar to those used in telecommunications, typically operate with the use of a rechargeable battery to power the electronic device. To recharge the battery, an electrical current is applied to the battery to electrically reverse the electrochemical reactions that previously generated electricity, for future conversion into electricity. Typically, the source of the electrical current to charge a battery is alternating current (AC) mains electricity. For instance, a micro-USB cable can connect an electronic device to a wall receptacle delivering AC electricity to charge the battery of the electronic device.

Although plugging an electronic device into an AC power source is sufficient to charge a battery of an electronic device, an AC power source is not always available. For example, a person stranded or simply working in the field with no means of generating sustainable electricity cannot simply plug the device into a cable charger connected to a wall receptacle. Without a conventional AC power source to recharge the battery, the electronic device will eventually fail. Moreover, consumption of the electricity and electricity generation can be harmful to the environment, and harmful to a person's finances.

Thus, a need exists for an apparatus and method for charging a battery and/or an electronic device with an alternate power source, in particular, solar cell technology.

Assets: 1 Patent

U.S. Patents: US9166424 B2

Lot 6: Novel Pain-Free Therapy For Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: AMD Therapeutics, LLC

Sector/Description: A 505(b)2 path for an eye-drop to avoid injections for AMD AMD Therapeutics LLC focuses on providing the first pain-free treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Lucentis and Eylea, each with billions in sales, require an injection into the vitreous of the eye and many patients fear the pain of the repeated intravitreal injections. AMD101 is an eye-drop that shares the same approach as the established drugs, inhibition of VEGF. The molecule has years of human safety, and 505(b)2 regulatory pathway will be available for clinical development of AMD101. The clinical path for approval is straightforward and established. There is freedom to operate and patent applications have been filed. Thus AMD101 is a rare opportunity, ready to meet a clear unmet need with a proven approach and clinical path in the big market of AMD.

Assets: PCT/US2015/041196, WO 2016/014437 A1

U.S. Patents: PCT Patent Application

Lot 7: Shock-Absorbing Treadmill

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: David Hazzouri

Description: A treadmill having one or more air springs attached to the underside of the treadmill and one or more wheels on the underside of the treadmill near the back end of the treadmill, to provide increased shock-absorption over conventional treadmills. Other embodiments disclosed herein include treadmills with the above-discussed components as well as one or more air compressors, pressure sensors, and/or weight sensors for adjusting the level of pressure in the one or more air springs, based on the weight of a person using such a treadmill.

Treadmills, which simulate a moving terrain, in many instances give the runner the ability to set the speed as well as the incline or decline of the terrain. Further, a treadmill can be located in a relatively small space, making indoor running possible. This is advantageous because indoor conditions can be controlled whereas outdoor conditions, such as rain, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures can make running uncomfortable or unsafe.

A further advantage provided by mechanisms integrated into certain expensive high-end treadmills is providing a simulated terrain that gives under the weight of a runner more than many outdoor surfaces do. Given that running as a cardiovascular exercise involves repeated impact over an extended period of time, reducing the impact on the body from each stride decreases the likelihood of impact-related injuries such as patellar tendonitis.

Assets: 1 Patent

U.S. Patents: US8435160 B1

Lot 8: Method and system for determining levels of gases

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: McFip, Inc. (William J. McFaul)

Description: A method and system for measuring or assessing the homeostatic relationship between gases in the body, environment or water. The measured or assessed level of gases in the body, environment or air uses the interrelationships of the various components in order to establish guidelines for treating individuals, the environment or water.

Due to the significance of the ability to assay individual’s personal levels of bodily gases and the far reaching implications associated with the ability to prevent imbalances, this patent provides a cornerstone for precision (personalized) medicine. It should be noted that the spectrum of disease states attributable to imbalances between bodily gases establishes the value of commercialization of the patent.

In terms of relevance, overwhelming empirical evidence supports smoking as a primary cause of heart attacks. Research has established the fact that carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide interact. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24798417. Cigarette smoke is a primary source of carbon monoxide. Increases in carbon monoxide will disrupt interactions between the other bodily gases with vascular abnormities being an outcome, i.e. heart attacks and strokes.

This patent provides a method for treating an individual by comparing levels of gases in an individual: measuring a level of nitric oxide in the individual; measuring a level of carbon monoxide in the individual; measuring a level of hydrogen sulfide in the individual; comparing the measured levels of nitric oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide to standard levels by establishing a sum level of nitric oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide or by comparing ratios of nitric oxide:carbon monoxide, nitric oxide:hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide:hydrogen sulfide to determine whether or not the proper ratio levels are maintained and/or present; and establishing a treatment based upon the compared measured levels, wherein the treatment comprises reducing intake of nitric oxide.

Assets: 2 Patents Granted U.S. Patents: US8621911 B2, US9164071 B2

Lot 9: Rear Mounted Hauler Apparatus For A Vehicle

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: Joseph Joynt

Description: A hauler apparatus includes a lower bracket having a first support arm with a first support arm opening extending therethrough. The hauler apparatus includes an upper bracket having a second support arm with a second support arm opening extending therethrough. The hauler apparatus includes a frame arm, which extends through the first support arm opening, and has a distal end, which terminates within the second support arm opening. The outer shape of the frame arm is different from the inner shape of the first and second support arm openings.

Vehicles are often used to carry and haul a load. The load can be of many different types, such as a motorcycle and an all-terrain vehicle, such as a QuadRunner. The appliance can be of many different types, such as a washer, dryer and refrigerator. These types of loads are often very heavy, so that it is difficult to move them to the truck bed during loading and to move them from the truck bed during unloading. Further, it is often necessary to secure the load to the truck bed to restrict its ability to move during hauling. The load also occupies a significant amount of space of the truck bed, which restricts the ability to haul other loads. Hence, it is desirable to have an apparatus, which provides a better way of hauling a load. The present invention is directed to a hauler apparatus for lifting a load with a vehicle.

Assets: 1 Patent

U.S. Patents: US9017002 B1

Lot 10: Cigarette Box and its Pass; Cigarette Box and its Blank; Cigarette Box with a Flap Hinged Independently From the Upper Hinged Lid; Cigarette Box with an Outer Screen Walls System and its Blanks

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: Wojciech Mazur

Description: The subject matter of the invention is a cigarette box with a hinged lid and its blank. The cigarette box and its blank as presented in the description filed under nr. P-355833 is commonly known. The box appears in the shape of a rectangular prism and has a hinged lid. It is formed of a storage space designated to contain cigarettes within and a hinged lid joined with the storage space by means of an articulated joint placed on the rear wall, whereas the front wall of the lid is longer than the rear wall and the sidewalls are oblique.

The box is characteristic in that the storage space is provided with an additional inside front wall, While the outside front wall of the storage part is hinged, whereat between the hinged front wall and the inside front wall there is an additional storage space. Within the storage space a plurality of matches is installed. The hinged outside front wall features some fixing substance along its edges.

The inside front wall also features a fixing substance along its edge. The hinged outside front wall has got its edge placed under the lid of the cigarette box. The edges of the inside sidewalls are attached to the inside front wall. The edges of the inside side walls and angular walls are attached to the inside front wall. The matches are located alongside the box. The matches are located crosswise the box. The matches are attached to the hinged front wall. The matches are attached to the inside front wall.

Assets: 2 Patents, 2 Pending Applications

U.S. Patents: EP1735222 B1, US 8322524 B2, US 20130220852 A1, US 20130313132 A1

Lot 11: Composition and Method Using Same to Remove Urethane Products From a Substrate

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: Dan Tepolt

Description:A composition for removing urethane products from a wide variety of substrates without the need for scraping, scrubbing, sanding, sandblasting and the like is provided. The composition is formed by combining water, a polar organic solvent, a mixture of organic esters, a hydrocarbon, and a polyether. The composition may optionally be formed by combining the components recited above along with an anionic surfactant. The composition may optionally be formed by combining the components recited above along with a thickener.

The invention will be described as removing certain urethane products, such as those sold by DOW Chemical, USA, and/or urethane products formed using certain isocyanates sold by DOW Chemical USA. The following description of the composition in accordance with the present invention, and method using that composition to remove urethane products from a substrate is not meant, however, to limit the invention to the removal of urethane products sold by DOW Chemical USA, or to the removal of urethane products formed using isocyanates sold by DOW Chemical USA.

Embodiments of the present invention comprise a composition, and a method using that composition, to remove urethane products from a substrate. Such products include, without limitation, foams, coatings, adhesives, and the like. Additionally, such urethane products may include other functionalities/repeat units, such as without limitation, ureas, amides, imides, isocyanurates, and the like.

Such products may further comprise full density materials as well as foams. Such full-density products may comprise one or more linear polymers, one or more cross-linked polymers, and combinations thereof. The present invention relates to a composition for removing urethane products from a wide variety of substrates without the need for scraping, scrubbing, sanding, sandblasting and the like.

Assets: 2 Patents

U.S. Patents: US 7531049 B2, US8003588 B2

Lot 12: Tracking System for Underwater Equipment

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Seller: Ross Cota

Description: Lobster fishing is the commercial or recreational harvesting of marine lobsters or spiny lobsters. This is a major marine industry in the state of Maine, as well as other northeastern ports. Lobster traps are often connected to a buoy with a rope, called a line, and the lobster fishermen locate the traps by locating the buoy and following the line. The problem is that the lobster traps can break loose from the buoy and be lost, or the buoy, line and trap can be carried away from the fishing location. Whether the units break loose from their tethers or are taken out of range by other sea life, the loss of this expensive equipment is not only costly to fishermen, but also compromises their catches, which often constitute the livelihood of lobster fishermen.

This problem is not limited to lobster fishermen and their traps. Underwater animal traps are used to catch other types of underwater animals, such as crabs, shrimp, and fish, for example. Underwater equipment is also used for work other than fishing or trapping of animals. Underwater equipment is used to monitor underwater animal life, to build, drill or explore underwater structures, and to search and retrieve structures lost at sea. These are just a few examples of situations where underwater equipment is used and where it may be desirable to locate or track the position and status of the underwater equipment.

Accordingly, a need remains for an electronic tracking device in order to overcome the above-noted shortcomings. The present invention satisfies such a need by providing an electronic tracking device that is convenient and easy to use, lightweight yet durable in design, versatile in its applications, and designed for providing users with a convenient and easy means of locating and tracking underwater equipment.

Assets:1 Patent

U.S. Patents: US 8553501 B1

Lot 13: Enaminocarbonyl compounds and their use; Esters of (acyloxymethyl)acrylamide, a pharmaceutical composition containing them, and their use as inhibitors of the thioredoxin—thioredoxin reductase system; Method for the preparation of carbapenam compounds; Ruthenium or osmium complex, method for its preparation and use thereof

Initial Bidding Guidance: Negotiable

Sellers: Instytut Chemii Organicznej Polskiej Akademii Nauk

Sector/Description: The present invention relates to enaminocarbonyl compounds with the formula I. The present invention also relates to the use of compounds with the formula I for the modification of the taste of a product and/or preparation for oral administration.

The subject of the present invention are novel esters of (acyloxymethyl)acrylamide, a pharmaceutical composition containing them and their use in the production of drugs for the prophylaxis or treatment of oncogenic diseases and diseases connected with increased cell proliferation.

The subject of the present invention is a method of the preparation of compounds containing the core skeleton of carbapenem antibiotics, novel intermediate compounds used in this method, a method of the preparation of the intermediate compounds as well as the use of the intermediate compounds in the production of carbapenem antibiotics.

The subject of the present invention are novel metal complexes defined by Formula (1): The present invention also relates to methods of producing said novel metal complexes defined by Formula (1) as well as their uses.

Assets: 10 patents, 23 Applications Patents PCT, WO, EP, JP, US, CN, RU: PCT (WO2010087727), EP (EP 2 391 614), JP (JP5520966), US (US 8,846,125), CN (CN102203073); PCT (WO2012050465), EP (EP 2 627 628), US (US 9,018,255), CN (CN103237786), IN (746/MUMNP/2013), RU (2013122396); PCT (WO2012112061), EP (EP12716705.4), US (US8884005); 394228/218577; 394722/219066; 394723/219067; 396417/219124; 397120/217611; 397383/216450; PCT (WO2013046108), EP (EP2760581), JP (JP2014532047), CN (CN104185506), SG (11201400937S), IL (231682)

Applications: 395262; 396759; 400265; 401056; 401345; 402199; 402293; 401473; 404885; 404918; 405775; 405913; 406150; 406399; 407238; 407948; 407984; 409700; 410588; 409298; 410796; 410365; 411770 **NOTE: Six of these patents were only filed before the Polish Patent Office and there were no further continuations before WIPO, EPO or any other foreign Patent Offices. We can provide the descriptions of these patents in Polish.

Lot 14: Simple Suspension Bridge Type Belt Conveyor

Initial Bidding Guidance Negotiable

Seller: Zhilin Zhang

Description: The simple suspension bridge is a kind of suspension bridge where the bridge body is hung from steel cables or steel wireropes that are supported on pillars separated by a certain distance. The belt conveyor is a conveying machine of which a continuously cycling endless conveyor belt for carrying materials is supported by carry rollers separated by a certain distance. The belt conveyor is also called as the conveyor (hereinafter, simply called as conveyor), and applied to fields such as mining, ports, factories and other areas where material handling is needed. The conveyor has advantages like lower cost, less environmental impact and higher energy efficiency, comparing to material handling by motor vehicles.

The conveyor can be placed on the ground or elevated above the ground on support structures. Ground based conveyor occupies massive land areas along the conveying route and also blocks the traffic on either side of the conveyor. Mounting the conveyor on support structures higher than the ground can reduce land areas occupied by the conveyor, provide better traffic access, and enhance safety. Traditional support structure is either steel trestle or concrete gallery. The traditional support method has drawbacks like high cost, short pillar spacing, and difficult to implement in difficult terrain or crossing existing building structures.

This technology is designed to offer an alternative to Ropecon, with some of the same benefits and different advantages.

Same benefits: A long span between support points to overcome terrain difficulties and minimize environmental footprint.

Advantages: uses conventional belt and idler compatible with existing conveyor technology. Ropecon uses a single source special belt and idler rolls.

The seller owns the complete IP rights of this technology. Patents have been granted in both the U.S. and China. In addition, patent applications have been filed in Canada, Brazil, Indonesia and India.

Assets: 1 US Patent, 1 Chinese Patent
U.S. Patent: US9102473 B2, CN102491047 B
Foreign Patent Applications: CA2853700 A1, also filed in Brazil, Indonesia and India.

Lot 15: Graphical Taillight System

Initial Bidding Guidance: $50,000 plus 20% royalty

Seller: Ahmed Allam IP Law Firm and Associates

Sector/Description: Auto Accessories - A graphical taillight system designed for efficiently alerting a driver of a vehicle behind a signaling vehicle of the operations (e.g. braking, turning, reversing, etc.) of the signaling vehicle.

The graphical taillight system generally includes a tail light cover including a rear surface, wherein the rear surface is comprised of a substantially nontransparent configuration. This system could help reduce auto accidents, as it would alert drivers of possibly hazardous driving situations.

This inventor is searching for car accessories companies that are interested in licensing this patented technology.

Assets: One patent
U.S. Patent: 7,791,465 B1

Lot 16: Combination carrying strap and tether for snowboards

Sellers: Domenico Rossi & Steve Mattson

Sector/Description: A combination device is featured for both tethering a snowboard to the boot of a user and for carrying a snowboard over the shoulder. The device has a retraction unit that houses a spring-wound strap within. The retractable unit has a flange for attaching the unit to one of the bindings of the snowboard. Screws are used to affix the flange, and hence the retraction unit, to the binding. The combination tether and carrying strap is easily accessible by pulling on the hooking latch, which is attached to the retractable strap.

Assets: One Patent Granted

U.S. patents: US 8979113 B1

Lot 17: Apparatus and methods for tracking ammunition supply in a magazine

Initial Bidding Guidance: $250,000+

Seller: Mark S. Williams

Sector: SECTION F — Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting - A magazine comprising of:

  • A storage tube defining a proximal end defining a dispensing opening and a distal end.
  • A biasing member positioned within the storage tube and having a first end portion and a second end portion, the first end portion being positioned closer to the proximal end then the second end portion.
  • A spool mounted to the storage tube having the biasing member positioned between the proximal end and the spool.
  • A strip affixed at one end at a first end thereof to the first end portion and secured at a second end thereof to the spool, the strip including visible position indicators defined along the length thereof.

A window positioned over at least a portion of the spool such that one or more of the visible position indicators of the strip are visible through window when at least a portion of the strip is wound around the spool.

Assets: One patent

U.S. Patent: 8,991,084 B2

Lot 18: “Method of Production of Fermented, Pro-Healthy, Fruit Beverages”//“Method of Production of Fermented, Pro-Healthy, Cereal Beverages”

Initial Bidding Guidance: $100,000+

Seller: Renata Jedrzejczak

Sector/Description: SECTION A Human Necessities - The invention relates to the method of producing of fermented, pro-healthy fruit beverages as replacers of fermented milks – especially in nutrition of persons following the special elimination diets, particularly that require elimination of animal proteins and/or lactose.

Assets: Two patents

Patent Nos: (WO2012036575, PL215852, EP2615927, CA2811389, UA107513) & (WO2012036576, PL215631, EP2615928, CA2811390, UA107514)

Lot 19: Solar Powered Bike

Initial Bidding Guidance: $750,000 to 1 million

Seller: Maxun (Albert van Dalen)
Sector/Description: SECTION H — ELECTRICITY - Solar power manufacturing - The solar panels alone deliver the energy for a speed of 15mph / 25km/h. The solar bike is very lightweight and fast; and despite the solar panels it rides almost as light as a road bike. The solar panels are small enough to allow easy riding in traffic, and large enough to perform well, even on a semi-cloudy days.

The advantage of the Maxun One over a normal e-bike is the absence of large batteries. This makes the Maxun One lighter than any e-bike, just 17kg. Instead of lugging around heavy batteries, which have to be charged on the go anyway, you can now drive day after day without being dependent on recharging.

The development of the solar bike was a technical challenge; all components have to be of the highest level, such as the solar cells, for which a superior, anti reflective, low loss coating had to be developed. Aerospace materials are used to reduce the weight of the whole solar bike to 17kg, but also make it strong enough to withstand stress caused by riding at high speed on bad roads. Furthermore the solar bike remains stable at high speed, even with both solar panels.

Assets: Design patent Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market oami.europa.eu, Pending design patent USPTO Solar panel pair
Patents: Design number 002468942-0001
Applications: Application number 29/508503
Trademark: “Maxun”, Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP). Number 1304277, Date 02-09-2015, Registration number 0970016

Lot 20: Audio-Video Cabinet/TV Stand

RCD file information: 002619783-0001
Filing Date: 24/01/2015
Registration Date: 28/01/2015
Expiry Date: 24/01/2020
Design Status: Registered and Fully Published (A.1.)
Owner: Albert van Dalen
Description: A new type of design for a TV stand. It is a beautiful design, different than all others and has no corners.

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